Saturday, 30 January 2010

It Seems Like Forever...

It seems like forever since I started this layout. Well, in fact, it hasn't been forever, but it has been since the end of August, 2009. This is from a class that I attended during the Gunnedah Scrapbooking Retreat, taught by the wonderful Ngaire Bartlam. But I never got to finish it during the class, and it has been sitting on my desk ever since (gathering dust and dirt mind you), waiting for the finishing touches. Well, finally, it's DONE!!!!!

Here is the original Layout created by Ngaire Bartlam. I really enjoyed this class, and this is probably one of my favourite layouts that I have done with Ngaire so far. Now, on to the other 20 or so unfinished projects sitting here waiting to be finished. Next!!! (-:

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I LOVE crops!!! And there is a huge one on this weekend over at weScrap. Lots of games, prizes and fun. That's where you'll find me this weekend. I will be busy, busy, busy completing challenges. (-: Want to have some fun? Then come on over and join us - we LOVE company!!!

There is a HUGE sale on now over at Scrapbooking From Scratch. It finishes Monday at 6am. Lots of stock has been reduced to make room for the new CHA stock. If you want a bargain, now is the time to get it. Yes, it's time for me to go shopping!!! (-: There are lots of bargain sections as well. In fact, there is something for everyone. But hurry, it finishes Monday 6am.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We Made It!!!

Yay! We made it through seven weeks of holidays without losing the plot totally!!! I survived!!!! (-: Here's my little darlings on their first day back at school (they were up and dressed by 5:50am this morning). I told them they were crazy and went back to bed for 40 minutes (as I HATE getting up before 6:30am at the very earliest). Just ask my hubby! (-: The girls are both happy to be back at school, and love their new teachers for this year.

Here are a couple of photos from Australia Day (yesterday). We went to the local pool for some swimming and splashing. The girls had an absolute blast. There were games and competitions to paly too. They won yo-yo's and beach balls.

The two of them spent nearly 1.5 hours on the water slide/jumping float "thingy". And didn't they sleep well last night because of it. (Hee! Hee! Hee!). It's not like I encouraged them (much) to go on it as many times as possible before it was time to leave (no, I would never do that!!!) (-:
Yep, they made the most of it. My little water babies!!!
Sorry I don't have any layouts to share. I've been so busy trying to get everything ready for school, plus I had my Personal Training session this morning (I am really tired and keep yawning), and I had to take Malayla to an audition this afternoon for a tv commercial by the Department of Education. It looks promising - they asked her if she would like to come back and do it for real in front of a camera and other people - so I am thinking that she may have a spot. It's Keana's turn at the audition tomorrow, about lunchtime. I will let you know how they go as soon as anything is confirmed. And hopefully I can find some time to scrap tomorrow.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Making Progess While Getting Butt Kicked!!!

We are making progress on the whole moving issue. I have found the most wonderful school (big thank-you to Emily Falconbridge for pointing me in the right direction). It called St Brigid's (, and it is just amazing. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that they are accepted for next years enrolment. I have gotten quotes for moving, and it's a lot less than I thought - so that it good. It's about half the price of what I was expecting. I am actually getting really, really excited. This is a good thing. Because I am a Scorpio, once I make my mind up about something, that's it. I rarely change it. So Perth, here we come. (-:

But I am getting my butt kicked over at Lotus Paperie. If you could spare 30 seconds (or less) to vote for your favourite layout, it would be greatly appreciated. I really, really need some scrapping support on this one. (-: And voting ends on the 31st January. 5 Days to go.

Happy Australia Day to all our Aussies out there. We are off to the local pool for an afternoon of fun, swimming, and slides. Yippee!!! Great photo opportunities just begging to be taken. And back to school tomorrow...bliss, and peace, and quiet...ahem...not that I want to get rid of my angels and have my house to myself during the day, or anything. No, I wouldn't dream of wishing that! (-: Not after spending a morning listening to Keana scream and squeal as her "vampire" sister chased her around the house. Yes, I know my daughters aren't normal. Mine play "vampires" while other little girls play with Barbies. Told you they took after me!!! (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Pencil Lines Sketch #171

The next sketch is up over at Pencil Lines. This is sketch #171. Love this sketch - it's very versatile and adaptable. Allowed me to add lots of extra stuff. (-:

Here's my take on the sketch. TITLED: You Are The Sweetest Thing. I used lots of Prima goodies for this one. Plus one Hambly owl sticker. Isn't he cute? I'm really starting to get in and use my stash these days. It's such a wonderful feeling. I've even starting pinning certain products up on my magnetic board to remind myself to use them, and it's working. (-: It makes me happy to know that I'm finally making the most of my stash.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Share At Last...

Finally, after several days of trying to complete it, I have a layout to share. I struggled with this one, and I am not completely happy with it. Why I struggled I have no idea. Maybe the colours? Maybe because I feel the layout is too crowded - I like "white space" on most of my layouts. Never mind, at least it's done. This layout was created with the Prima January BAP. I have titled it: Our Love. As you can see, I've used lots of Prima goodies, in addition to cardboard, Glimmermist, Glossy Accents and Shimmerz.

Friday, 22 January 2010

I want to go back to school!!!

I've heard "I want to go back to school" from both of my girls in the last couple of days. I think my poor babies are either sick and tired of my company, or they are bored. Or they just miss their friends? Usually, my girls do 2 days a week at Vacation Care, to give them a break from me, and vice versa. But for the past 7 days they have opted to stay home with me. So I decided we had to get crafty. It was time to pull out the mosaic craft pack that Keana got for her birthday. And guess what? It was the best idea I've had ever!!! They loved it, and it kept them busy for hours. I've uploaded several photos to show you how "into" it they were. Don't you love Malayla's tongue sticking out. She does this when she is concentrating. It's just so cute.

Malayla chose a frog. Keana chose a butterfly. And there are still another 4 pictures for them to complete at a later date. Mmm...think I might have to go and look for some more to put away for emergencies. (-:

Keana's not quite as "into" the arts and crafts as Malayla, but she still enjoys it. Admittedly, she didn't finiah her picture like Malayla did. I might have to ask the big sister to give her little sister a helping hand!!!

I've had such a big day today. I am so tired. I spent three hours at the shopping centre doing a whole pile of running around. My feet hurt. I had to pick up laybyes (school stuff), get the rest of the school and lunch stuff, return stuff that was either the wrong size or a double-up, buy groceries, go to the post office, buy some new clothes, organise hair appointments, and the list goes on...then I got to come home and clean the house as we are having visitors over the weekend, and because the girls and I have been home so much, it was a disaster area. I still have to wipe down the bathroom sink and mirror, but then I'm done. Nice, clean, sparkling house - which will last less then 24 hours. We do this why?????
OK. Enough rambling. I'm off to finish the bathroom, then hopefully do some scrapping. I want to finish the Prima BAP layout that has been sitting on my desk since yesterday. Or was it the day before? I don't remember. How sad is that??? (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Excuses for Shopping...

Here's my layout for the Amercian Crafts Mini Marks Week Challenge. Titled: PURE. I have used American Crafts papers and Mini Marks, Prima flowers and Sultan Centres, Carolees Creations mini alpha stickers, and Kaisercraft chipboard alphas. Plus my beloved Glimmermist.
What did I ever do before Glimmermist? That's right! I had to paint everything, then glitter it. Oh my, haven't we come a long way!!! (-: I found out one thing by doing this challenge - my AC stash of products is very limited and I really need to go shopping. What's that?... I'll use any excuse to go shopping? REALLY??? You think!!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Little Miss Big Foot.

I went and purchased school shoes at Myer's yesterday. They have a special at the moment - buy one pair, get one pair half price. It still cost me over $230 for four pairs of school shoes. Admittedly, they were Clark's, one of the more expensive brands on the market. But I purchased a cheaper brand last year, and they didn't last - they fell apart. So I refuse to make that mistake again. But here's the exciting (or maybe it's horrifying???) news, Keana has a children's size 3 foot. She is only 6 years old. Her older sister, is a normal (average???) size 1. So now I call Keana my "Little Miss Big Foot!". She keeps saying, "Mum, stop calling me that!". (-:

I had my weekly PT session at the gym, and because my knee still hasn't fully recovered, we concentrated on some cardio and the upper body (again, for the 3rd week in a row). Blah!!! My arms have so totally had enough. On a bright note though, my fitness level has increased dramaticallly. Justin had me working on the treadmill, starting at a fast-ish walking pace, then increasing every minute, until I was walking as fast as I could - no running allowed. And I had to do 3 sets of this. His aim was to get my heart rate as high as possible. He expected it to hit mid 140. But guess what? He only got it to 132. So score one for me!!!

To recover from the torture at the gym, I took the girls to the movies this afternoon. I thought we were going to see Alice In Wonderland, but I got my release dates for this movie mixed up with another movie. Alice doesn't come out until March. So we went and saw The Incredible Mr Fox instead. I loved it! It was a clean, honest kids movie, with quite a few laughs. I'm really, really glad we went and saw it.

I don't have any layouts to share tonight. I have a finished one sitting on my desk (for an Amercian Crafts challenge), but I am yet to photograph it. Maybe tomorrow.

But I do have an update for you in regards to the move to Perth. It's definite. Due to some huge family issues that we are having with my husbands family, we have decided the best thing to do is to get as far away as possible. So Perth, here we come. I still can't give you a definite date, but I will start getting quotes for removalists etc. in the next few weeks. If anyone can suggest good locations to live in Perth, and where I can find some good Catholic primary schools, please feel free to leave a comment, or to email me. Actually, acreage would be nice. Suggestions on this would also be welcome. Catch you all tomorrow. I'm off to get some work done. (-:

Monday, 18 January 2010

Voting Please With Lotus Paperie...

Dearest blog readers, followers, family and friends. Apparently, according to Lotus Paperie, I am a bad-ass hardcore scrapper (maybe they know me too well???), whose layout has been chosen as one of three, to battle it out for the title of "favourite layout of the month". If you could spare 30 seconds to vote HERE for your favourite layout, your help (and time) would be greatly appreciated. It's as simple as clicking on the button beside your favourite layout. (-: Voting closes 12pm PST on January 31st.

Time To Share...

This layout has been created using a Bo-Bunny sketch. Details of the sketch can be found here. I've used the "Flutter Butter" line of papers. Simply titled: Heart.

And here is my take on Sketch # 170 over at Pencil Lines. I am really, really happy with this layout. It's one of those ones that just came together by itself. And I am so in love with these new Rouge de Garance papers. Just loving the bright, glorious colours. Titled: She Make My Heart Sing.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pretty Little Party Girls...

It's hard to believe that there is 14 months difference between my girls, when the baby of the family (Keana) towers over her older sister (Malayla). But then again, Keana towers over all her friends, and every one in her class. *Sigh!!!* Just like her mummy. (-: At least I know she will be able to wear all my leather boots, leather pants, and leather jackets that I have kept over the years. Money well spent!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I took this photo today at one of Keana's classmates parties (we went to one last weekend too!). Yes, it was sweltering hot today and both my girls insisted on wearing long, synthetic made, party dresses. They only lasted about 30 minutes before I went and got the change of clothes, out of the car, that I had the foresight to bring with me. Oh well, they looked pretty for a little while. (-:

Here's Missy Moo with her cheeky look. She is growing up into such a sweet little girl, right before my eyes. I can't believe she is turning 8 in less than 6 months. Too scary!!!
We went to dinner with some friends at Sizzlers last night. It was so nice to have adult company for a change. Usually, it's just me and the girls when Tony isn't home. But this time I had adults to talk too. It makes such a big difference. (-:
I don't have any layouts to share. I have one on my desk for Pencil Lines, but I can't share that for another 9 days or so. And guess what else happens in 9 days??? School resumes!!! Yay!!!! Not that I'm counting, or anything? Me? No, definitely not!!! (-:
We are going to the movies on Tuesday to see Alice In Wonderland. I am SO, SO, SO EXCITED!!! Yes, I am probably more excited than the girls. Sad, isn't it? But who doesn't love Johnny Depp??? Mmmm..... and when hubby returns, we will be off to see The Tooth Fairy. Yes, even I am a fan of "The Rock".
And on the home front, it looks like we might be moving to Perth in the next 12 months or so. Well, actually, that "might" is looking more, and more, definite. The girls and I will probably head over there in the June-July holidays to check it all out. Admittedly, I am not looking forward to packing, but the whole move thing is still exciting.
Right, I'm off to get creative. I have a Bo-Bunny sketch I want to complete before tomorrow, and the time is getting late...(-:

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Two For The Price Of One!!!

This month's challenge over at Scrap The Girls is a sketch challenge, provided by Peta from Scrapbooking From Scratch. This is a combined double challenge, which means you have twice the chance of winning. All the details for participating in January's challenge can be found here.
Here's my take on the sketch. Titled: She Has The Fairy Blues. Couldn't resist, I just had to have a play with those gorgeous Webster's Pages. Talking about that, did you hear the great news? Our very own, Steph Devlin ,has been chosen as a Design Team member for Webster's Pages. Way to go, Steph!!! Woo-hoo!!! So happy for her. (-:

Got To Be In It To Win It!!!

Shimmerz has a great competition going at the moment - but for a short time only. But you've got to be in it to win it. Details here.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Inspiration of the day...

Over at weScrap, this advertisement was provided as Inspiration Of The Day (for the 6th January) by Jacquelin. And it was exactly what I needed!!!

Here's my layout, inspired by the advertisement. Those two mermaid paper piecings have been in my stash for nearly 2 years, waiting for the perfect inspiration. And this was it!!! (-: My girls are very, very happy because they have finally gotten the mermaid page, that they have been asking me to make for them, for the past year or so. titled: little Mermiads. Products used:- Prima papers, alphas and pearls, other: sequins, kindy glitz, Glimmermist.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Another challenge completed...

Here's challenge #158 over at Lotus Paperie. This is a great sketch, and so much fun to work with. I just love all that "white space". (-:

And here's my bright and sweet interpretation of the sketch. I even raided my scrap box to create this layout. I used left over pieces of papers from We R Memory Keepers. And some Prima alpha stickers. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. It's very simple, but I like the effect.

And We're All Stations Go!!!!

Here's Sketch #169 up at Pencil Lines now! And below are two layouts that I have created based on this sketch. Feel free to leave comments about what you think. (-: I LOVE feedback!!!

My first layout for Pencil Lines is up now on the blog site. (-: It's titled "Not So Jolly!", and is based on sketch #169. And the best thing about the big DT reveal today, is that our styles are all so different, and all the layouts look awesome!!!
Here's another take on the sketch. This was my "trial" layout to get the hang of it. I wasn't completely happy with it, so I did the above layout instead. Yeah, I know - I shouldn't be such a perfectionist, but I just can't help myself - it's part of my nature! (-:

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Here we go...

Finally, I have a layout I can share (there's three others sitting on my desk that I can't share). This one was created for Lotus Paperie. Challenge 157 is to use journalling stamps multiple times on your layout. Admittedly, this had me stumped for a while, because my first idea for using the stamp on my layout, had already been done by one of the design team. So I had to go back to square one and start again. So I had to stop thinking of it as a journalling stamp, and start thinking of it as an embellishment. And yes, those are sequins on a school page layout. I thought I would try something different. (-: I'm not one for traditional pages, or traditional colours. Products used - October Afternoon report card range, and Making Memories stamp, flowers and buttons.

Updates - in all areas!!!

Firstly, my apologies for not yet getting the Christmas blog candy posted to the winners. There have been a couple of delays - firstly, I injured myself before Christmas and couldn't really go anywhere, plus we went on holidays (and I still couldn't go anywhere), and I was also waiting on the final winner to supply me with her address so that I didn't have to do two trips to the post office. During school holidays I avoid going to the shops unless I really have to - so in my opinion, one trip to the post office is more than enough for me.

Which leads me on to my next point. Since the fourth prize winner has not supplied me with an address, I can wait no longer (it's not fair to keep everyone waiting any longer), and I've had to do a re-draw. So the fourth and final winner of my blog candy giveaway is...gocanucksgo!!! Could you please email me with your address, and I will hope to get all thse parcels posted by Friday.

I've finished sorting my scrap room. It's so organised now that it's just sickening!!! (-: Yep, really, really organised. Like obsessive-compulsive organised. Ha! Ha! Ha! I will try and get some photos up soon to share with you.

And I've just finished my first two layouts for Pencil Lines. The first one goes live this Sunday (UK time). Can't wait to see what you all think. (-:

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Last Winners...

I am honoured to be able to say that I am one of the last ever winners for White With 1. This is the layout I created for the December challenge using white, crimson, and bling. I am going to miss the WW1 challenge site immensely. Susan (Longman) did a wonderful job of keeping us inspired and challenged. It has been a lot of fun, indeed!!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Layouts and...What A Mess!!!!!!!

I actually completed this layout on Saturday, but I haven't had a chance to photograph it and upload it until today. Why, you might ask? Because of the mess that is my scrapping room and house. Aaarrggghhhhhh!!!!! I started out by re-organising my scrapping room (still trying to finish this off), but that lead me to re-organising our master bedroom, the girls room, the toyroom and the loungeroom. I'm stuffed!!! But I have decluttered and got things organised and planned and working for me. I managed to find a big box of old photos that mum thought she had lost. Lost? No!!! Just mixed up with all my boxes of scrapping stuff. Anyway, I rang mum to let her know, and she's very happy. (-: I even managed to sort out my girls toys - so now I have a trip or two to a local charity to get rid of them, plus everything else I have thrown out of the house (old scooters, lots of hubby's stuff, lots of clothes etc). But enough chattering...back to the layout! This one was created for the January sketch at Crafty Sketches. It is titled: "Sweets & Treats". I used the Christmas ranges from October Afternoon and Fancy Pants.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Guess where I went today?

I went here - yes, to IKEA!!! And I can honestly say, I had the best time EVER!!! I took my girlfriend Megan with me, and I put the girls into the playcentre, and sent hubby off on an errand to find coffee, then Megan and I shopped our little hearts out. Well actually, I didn't spend all that much because we are on a tight budget post-Christmas. But I took my camera and took heaps of photos, so that I can plan what we need to purchase throughout the year. Hubby has agreed that I can go to IKEA, each time he comes back from work (his shift is 4 weeks at a time), and purchase one or two large items. So by the end of the year, we should have the house starting to look well organised. So today I had to settle for purchasing just a few small items to help sort out my scrapping room. I scored two large magnetic boards with little jars that attach. I also got some tiny buckets that hang from a rail, and a couple of small metal racks that my paints can now sit it. As a result, my scrapping room is now a disaster area as I try to reorganise everything. I think this is going to take a couple of days to get it right. But it will be worth it in the end. And I have a layout that I did yesterday, which I hope to photograph and share tomorrow. (-: But now it's time to catch some sleep, as I have to drive hubby to the airport early in the morning (I HATE getting up early, and I HATE going to the airport even more!!!).

Friday, 1 January 2010

Onto the challenges...

I'm scrapping today! Yee-hah!!! Here's a layout I just finished for the December challenge at Black With 2. The criteria was to use dominantly black, with crisp white and blue, plus glitter, lace and snowflakes. It has been a while since I've done a challenge for BW2, but it's simply been due to lack of time. It's nice to get back into the swing of things...

Just this one...

I've only got this single layout to share with you, dear readers. This one is for the Lotus Paperie Challenge #156. It's a sketch challenge. Go here for details. Honestly, when I looked at the sketch, this is not the design or the papers that I had in mind. But a little voice in the back of my head kept nagging me to use these Sassafrass papers - and I know better than to try and ignore that voice. So I've ended up with a layout that is very bright and funky. But I am happy with the end result. (-: